MelaPower® 9x Detergent: Garden Lavender
MelaPower® 9x Detergent: Garden Lavender

Tough on Dirt,

Safe for Your Family

MelaPower uses naturally derived, biodegradable surfactants and
natural enzymes to gently, but very effectively, dissolve dirt, grime, and
stains, leaving your clothes refreshingly clean with no caustic residue.

MelaPower is as gentle on your clothes and skin as rain water.








  • Concentrated

  • Naturally Derived
    Stain Removers

  • 90%

  • SafeScent®

No Dangerous Chemicals. No Residue.
Just Clean & Fresh

Melaleuca is proud of our careful ingredient choices that provide safer, effective, environmentally responsible products. We want our customers to feel confident the products they invite into their home do not contain any dangerous chemicals, and that they are powered by plant-derived or natural ingredients.

9x Concentrated to Save You Money

Because MelaPower has taken out unnecessary fillers (mostly water), there’s nothing in MelaPower that doesn’t absolutely need to be there. The end result? MelaPower gives you brighter, cleaner clothes and saves time, money, extra plastic, and the energy needed to ship all that water.

Cold Water Formula

Saves Money & Energy

90% of the energy needed to run a load of wash goes to heating the water. Washing in hot water wastes more electricity than leaving the refrigerator door open 24 hours a day for a year. You can save energy and money by reducing your temperature settings. Melaleuca’s concentrated laundry formulas have been designed to work in any temperature of water.

Each household that makes the switch to cold-water washing eliminates about .72 metric tons of carbon dioxide emissions a year.

temperature control knob temperature control knob

Electrical savings per year*


* Top-loading washer. Electricity
@₱10.46/kWh. Based off water heated electrically.

Get the Right Product for
Your Home

With two different fragrances, you can find the perfect MelaPower for your home.

  • Fresh Scent Fresh Scent
  • Garden Lavender Garden Lavender

For Full Benefits,
Get the Full Laundry Line

EcoSense has everything you need to keep you and your family looking and smelling great. Our super concentrated products with 99% biodegradable ingredients, natural enzymes, essential oils, and no dangerous chemicals, also help keep the environment clean.

  • Prespot
    Stain Remover
  • MelaPower
  • MelaBrite
    Color Brightener
  • MelaSoft
    Fabric Softener

Because There's More Than Just Laundry on the Line.™