Melaleuca Privacy Policy
Last Revised: July 1, 2020

Notice under the Philippine Data Privacy Act of 2012
Melaleuca of the Philippines, Inc. Branch Office (“Melaleuca”,“we” “us” or “our”) respect your privacy and will keep secure and confidential all personal data that you may provide to us, and/or those that we may collection from you.
Pursuant to the Philippine Data Privacy Act of 2012 (hereinafter referred to as the “Act”), we are required to inform you of your rights in respect of your personal data that is being collected and further processed. The Act seeks to amongst other things; regulate the processing of personal data in commercial transactions and to safeguard the interests of data subjects, i.e., you.
Personal Data We Collect
1. This Personal Data Protection Notice (“Privacy Notice”) is issued pursuant to the requirements of the Act and serves to inform you that your personal data is being processed by or on behalf of Melaleuca of the Philippines, Inc. doing business under the name Melaleuca of the Philippines, Inc. Branch Office. Kindly read the Privacy Notice carefully to understand how we treat and process your personal data. From time to time, we may review and update this Privacy Notice to reflect changes in the law, our processing activities, available technology, or such other changes necessitating any amendment to this Privacy Notice. We will notify you by posting the updated Privacy Notice in this website for your reference. Please keep yourself updated of the latest version of this Privacy Notice.
2. In the course of your transactions with us, we collect and maintain some basic information or personal data about you. The personal data processed by us may include information concerning your personal details (such as name, age, gender, identity card number, passport number, date of birth, education, race, ethnic origin, nationality, citizenship), contact details (such as address, email, phone numbers), and family information (such as marital status, name of spouse or child or immediate family.
3. The personal data that is being processed by us includes information that you have provided in your emails, all application/registration/change request forms, information that you may provide us from time to time.
4. Data may also be generated or combined with other information available to Melaleuca, its affiliates, subsidiaries, associated entities and any of their branches and office (together or individually).
Purposes of Collected Personal Data
5. The following are the Purposes for which your personal data may be used and/or processed:
  • a. to verify your identity;
  • b. to engage in business transactions in respect of products and/or services to be offered and provided to and/or by you;
  • c. for our day-to-day operations and administrative purposes including file management, billing and collection, audits, reporting etc.;
  • d. to establish and better manage any business relationship we may have with you;
  • e. to process any communications you send us;
  • f. to respond to lawful court orders or assist any government agencies or bureaus or bodies including for the purposes of police or regulatory investigations when compliance is required by law;
  • g. to comply with our legal obligations or to facilitate your compliance with any laws or regulations applicable to you;
  • h. to provide services to you and provide you information relating to our products and services, including promotional and direct marketing material. If you do not wish to receive any promotional or direct marketing material please notify us via our contact details below;
  • i. to conduct our internal activities, internal market surveys and trend analysis; or
  • j. for such other purposes as may be related to the foregoing

Security Measures to Protect your Personal Data
6. Melaleuca is implementing adequate technical, physical, and organizational security measures to ensure the confidentiality and protection of your personal data against any unauthorized or unlawful access, use, or disclosure or against accidental loss, alteration, or destruction.
Disclosure and Sharing of Personal Data
7. Your personal data may be disclosed to third parties such as but not limited to:
  • a. banks, auditors, courts of competent jurisdiction, governmental departments and/or agencies, regulatory and/or statutory bodies;
  • b. our parent company, Melaleuca, Inc., its subsidiaries and affiliates;
  • c. credit check companies; and
  • d. any such third party requested or authorized by you
for any of the above Purposes or any other purpose for which your personal data was to be disclosed at the time of its collection, or any other purpose directly related to any of the above Purposes. We will take all reasonable steps to ensure that such third parties will ensure adequate protection of your personal data and will only use your personal data for the Purposes for which it was given to us.
8. Your personal data may be transferred to a place outside the Philippines for the Purposes and to such third parties stated in this Privacy Notice.
Your Rights in Relation to your Personal Data
9. The provision of the information listed above is voluntary / obligatory in nature. However, please note that if you fail to supply to us the above personal data, we may not be able to process your personal data for any of the above Purposes.
10. You have the right to obtain access to any personal data Melaleuca holds about you as well as to ask for the correction in case there is any error or inaccuracy to ensure that any personal data kept by us is accurate, complete and not misleading and that such personal data is kept up to date.
11. To the extent required by the Act, its implementing rules and regulations, as well as the issuances of the National Privacy Commission, Melaleuca or any third party service providers engaged by us will aim to obtain your consent to collect and use your personal data for the Purposes mentioned above. You have the right to withdraw your consent at any time, however, if you do not permit the collection, use, processing, or disclosure of your personal data for the Purposes mentioned above, you may not be able to continue shopping or maintain your account and/or business with us and Melaleuca may not be able to provide you with its products or services.
12. We will only retain any personal data we have collected for a period that is no longer than is necessary to achieve the Purposes mentioned above and for such reasonable period of time thereafter as may be allowed or required by law.
13. You may at any time make a request in writing for correction of your personal data by emailing your request to [email protected]
In accordance with the Act:
  • a. We may charge a prescribed fee for processing your request for access or correction; and
  • b. We may refuse to comply with your request for access or correction to your personal data, and if we refuse to comply with such request, we will inform you of our refusal and the reason for our refusal.
Contact Us
If you have comments or questions about our privacy policy, please contact our Global Data Protection Officer at [email protected], or you may reach us by telephone at +63 (2) 8537 9001. You may also send communications to us at:
Global Data Protection Officer
Melaleuca of the Philippines, Inc.
4th Floor KDC Plaza
2212-2214 Don Chino Roces Ave.
Barangay Pio del Pilar
Makati City 1230
Metro Manila Philippines
For any complaints, you also have the right to contact the National Privacy Commission in accordance with their relevant rules of procedure.
Last Revised: July 1, 2020
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